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We appreciate all types and brands of motorcycles but have a special appreciation for the development and history of Honda machines!

For information about the VJMC (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club) meetings, go to the "EVENTS" page (#2). 

The Honda Enthusiasts are a group of motorcyclists in the Kansas City area who love bikes, riding, and events which focus on the sport of motorcycling.  We will schedule various rides and events during the riding season and will have at least one show during the year.  We are also concerned about motorcycle safety and encourage safe riding practices.  As will always be the case, all brands and types of motorcycles are appreciated.  Even if you don't currently have a motorcycle, you are welcome to join us in our activities.  We have no dues, membership lists, or requirements.  Just send us your e-mail (it will be safe and used only for HME communication), and we will keep you informed of riding and activity opportunities.  Check out our sister group,


www.kcvjmc.comThe Honda Enthusiasts are now a part of the KCVJMC group: 



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All participation is voluntary.  HME is an association only, which assumes no liability for any activity of any type.  Any participation is by the free choice of those who choose to involve themselves in any activity.




The 2009 printable ride schedule is available on page six!

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The 2009 motorcycle show, sponsored by the "Vineyard Riders" and "Grand Classic Events", has been scheduled for August 15, 2009 (Saturday).  I am asking the Honda Enthusiasts to join us in putting on this event.  More information will follow.  There is also the possibility for an "HME" and "VCME" motorcycle show if there is enough interest!

The "First Sunday Motorcycle Cruise In" events are scheduled on the following dates; May 3,  June 7,  July 5,  August 2,  September 6,  and October 4th.  They will be held at the Clay County Savings Bank in Liberty, Missouri.  Address:  1178 W. Kansas, Liberty 64068.  Next to the corner of highways 152 and 291.  Meeting times are from 3pm till 7pm (or later).  Join us!


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Pictured at the bottom of this page is a photo from a KCVJMC ride in early 2013.

Send us your e-mail address and we will put you on our notification list. Any information given to us will not be used for anything but club related correspondence.

Send us a picture of your custom Honda and we will put it on a "picture" page.

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