Page Two: A Little History and Other Stuff;


Some of the major Honda motorcycles which impacted the sport!

Honda has been a significant innovator in the history of the sport.  They have also been a major winner in various types of competition.  To be known for sturdy and reliable bikes over the decades is not an easy accomplishment!

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Below are a few of the most important Hondas:

The 1961 to 1967 Hawk/Superhawk (250 or 305cc) was a truly beautiful machine.

The 1965 CB 450 was a very modern bike for it's day.  Although exotic in design, it didn't quite meet the espectations of the big bike buyer of the day!

The 305 Super Hawk was faster than many British 500's of the day.

The first generation CB750 was released in 1968.  The Super Sport below in a 1975 edition,  both changed motorcycling.

The first 450 was called the "Black Bomber." This first "big" Honda did not quite reach expectations.

The first Gold Wing was introduced in 1975 to forever change the serious sport touring bike.

The CB750F was the second 12 second quarter mile bike sold in America.

This early 1980's 1100R was one of the first true super bikes which helped to inspire the current sport bike movement.

The first Goldwing (1975) was a 1000cc flat four.  The motorcycle was a "super bike" in the arena of performance.  There was only one other commonly available motorcycle which was faster!

The mighty CBX was not the first six cylinder bike built but was the most refined.  Produced from 1978 to 1982, the 1000cc bike was fast, reliable, and is now very collectable.

The 1100 was very fast and reliable if carefully maintained!

The CBR900RR introduced in 1993 propelled sport bikes to a new level.  Smaller, more power, lighter, and it looked like a race bike.

When Cycle World tested the CBX in 1979 it ran the quarter mile in 11.36 seconds.  Cycle magazine recorded 11.55 @117mph.  These figures are still fast for today.

Below is the GB 500 of 1989 and 1990.  A retro look that has become a collector bike.

When the CBR900RR was first introduced, it set a new standard.  The first CBR redefined the sport bike market and all other manufacturers followed.

The VTX1800 introduced in 2002 was the first "big bore" factory cruiser.  It was very fast and looked good.  All the big manufacturers have followed Honda's lead.  When Cycle World tested the first 1800C, it ran through the quarter mile in 12.12 seconds, almost in sportbike range.

The little GB was truly a jewell.  The bikes just didn't sell so were quickly dropped.  Honda made a GB400 for the Japanese market.

The Rune was Hondas answer to the custom craze of the day.  Introduced in 2004, they are now collectors items.  Honda was planning to offer them for just one year, but with off the chart sales (at least for a $27,000 Honda), they were offered for several years.