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HME is a voluntary association group.  HME assumes no liability for any activity of any kind.  Participation is the free choice of the participant!  Any HME activity is currently held with either KCVJMC, VCME, or the Midwest Cruisers group.  Any involvement is a choice of your free will and none of the groups listed above carries any liability insurance nor assumes any liability for any form of loss.  We also request that anyone involved with any activity associated with any of these groups practice legal and safe riding practices.  Any action which is illegal or unsafe is the choice of the individual and not condoned by any of the groups listed above.

To the right is a picture from the "All Japaneese Motorcycle Show" held in July of 2011.

For a listing of regional events, go to:  www.markbayersmotorcyclenews.mysite.com/index_2.html

For all KCVJMC (Kansas City Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club) activities, go to markbayerindian.mysite.com  Information can also be found on the KCVJMC "Yahoo Groups" link.

For national events, go to: www.markbayersmotorcyclenews.mysite.com

About mid page are national events with direct links!


Make sure and join the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) at the Denny's located just off I-435 and Front Street (6887 E. Front St. K.C., Mo. 64120; 816-231-7448).  About 2 miles south of Worlds  of Fun on the west side of I-435.  They meet on the last Sunday of the month from 3pm till 4:30pm.  Dates:  6-26-2011,   7-31-2011,  8-28-2011,  9-25-2011,   10-30-20-11,  11-27-2011, no meeting in December.  Always check on the kcvjmc.com site for changes!

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Below is a picture from our August 2009 Motorcycle event!